All livestreams are pay-what-you-feel.

There will be a link on the day to allow you to donate.


“Bio and Press Shots” WorkshopFriday 6pm via zoom (1 hr long. No break.)Lead by Claire Dupree of NARC magazine, this workshop will teach artists how to successfully write bios and press releases, the importance of joined up campaigns (radio/tours etc) and how to communicate effectively with the press. 

“Booking Tours, PRS and other tedious things” WorkshopSaturday 6pnvia Zoom
(1hr long. No break.)
An open, participant-lead Q+A style workshop where women who hold different roles within the music industry explain their sector and answer any questions participants may have, tailoring their answers to individuals. You are encouraged to participate either vocally or via the zoom chat box. Any questions ahead of time, please email

22:30 SATURDAY NIGHT ZOOM AFTERPARTY! (Approx 1hr long. No official breaks. This is a DJ set with very few lyrics so will not be captioned. There will be an audio description at the start.)CADI: The only artist to make a return from WAM 2019, CADI plays a variety of bass-driven funky house- drawing on her influences from RnB to Hiphop and Garage: think bass face.

“Family Friendly Yoga” lead by Shanti BeeSunday 3pm via Zoom.
(1 hr long. No break.)
For the session we aim to connect, inspire each other and our children, to play, to take time to relax and to nourish ourselves as individuals and as family units. The session will include group and fun movement time, a short beginners Flow Yoga session and some partner yoga positions you can practice at home. The kids might join in, they might play with each other. There will be a short relaxation at the end of the session- please bring a blanket if you know you are coming to this! 

Workshops will not be captioned live, but a captioned recording of the sessions will be sent out to anyone who requests (request by emailing

Sign up to these using the forms below! 

Come to the Saturday afterparty on Zoom with CADI on decks!



With an absolutely bangin line-up, curated by local musician Martha Hill, Women Are Mint is guaranteed to satisfy every musical itch you need to scratch. From powerful singer-songwriters, to dynamic hip-hop artists, to mind-blowing DJs and performers; there is nothing you might want that Women Are Mint doesn’t offer. Throw in some yoga and a few workshops and your weekend is made! This year we’ve moved the festival online, to ensure we bring you the same high quality music whilst also keeping you, our artists and our communities safe.


Women Are Mint was originally created in 2018 as a series of events in conjunction with Alphabetti Theatre, designed to give a voice and a platform to women in music. Off the back of their success, Newcastle based musician Martha Hill grew the idea into a three day music event, that not only showcases female talent, but also provides educational opportunities to aspiring female musicians in the North East. Across 2012 to 2020, women comprised a total 21.6% of all artists, 12.6% of all songwriters, and 2.6% of all producers. In 2020, despite a litany of corporate task forces and renewed industrywide vows out of the music business to reform skewed dynamics, the number of women in music in top songs dipped even lower than in 2019, the study found. From 2019 to 2020, female artists fell from 22.5% to 20.2%; female songwriters decreased from 14.4% to 12.9%; and female producers declined from 5% to just 2%. Producing positions consistently showed the most lopsided annual figures of all the measurements in the study — and across the nine-year sample, when searching for female producers of colour in particular, researchers found a 180:1 ratio of non-white female producers to white male producers.


Women Are Mint festival aims to celebrate all women in the music industry and to give female-identifying artists a platform to perform. It is not exclusionary of men, it is in fact pro-equality. People who identify as male or non-binary are of course invited to join the fight in making the music industry 50/50, and they are definitely invited to attend, just as women attended Wireless last year, even though only 9% of their artists were female!


Background to Women Make Music



  • Access information

    The platforms we will be using to stream Women Are Mint 2021 are Youtube and Facebook. You need an account in order to access the Facebook livestream, however you do not need an account to access the stream on Youtube. A full, detailed description of the event programme (including timings, artist info and line-up) is available below. After the livestream, the content will be recorded for later viewing (except for the Zoom Afterparty with CADI). There will be audio descriptions, and youtube has built in captioning for the performances. We will also provide links to set-lists and lyrics (except for the Zoom Afterparty with CADI). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our director Martha Hill at

  • Why isn't there a live audience this year?

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided that the safest and most responsible way for us to move forward as a festival this year, is to move everything online. We, like everybody else, miss live music hugely! However the safety of our performers, audience and communities comes first. To find out more about how we are keeping WAM 2021 Covid safe, please click here.

  • Where can I buy tickets?

    To keep the whole festival accessible, especially during such a difficult time for everybody, we have made everything donation only! There will be Pay-What-You-Feel donation links throughout the online performances, and we encourage you to pay what you feel the performance is worth. If you can’t afford to donate anything- don’t worry at all, we appreciate your support by just being here! If you find yourself a little flush, perhaps donate a bit extra in place of those who can’t.

  • What time is everything kicking off each day?

    Friday Workshop: 18:00 
    (available via zoom: sign up to receive the link)

    Friday Night Gig: 20:00
    (available via Women Are Mint’s fb or Howzat TV’s youtube pages)

    Saturday Workshop: 18:00
    (available via zoom: sign up to receive the link)

    Saturday Night Gig: 20:00
    (available via Women Are Mint’s fb or Howzat TV’s youtube pages)

    Saturday Night Zoom After-Party: 23:00 
    (available via zoom: sign up to receive the link)

    Sunday Yoga: 14:00
    (available via zoom: sign up to receive the link)

    Sunday Daytime Gig: 15:00
    (available via Women Are Mint’s fb or Howzat TV’s youtube pages)

  • Where can I find the livestreamed events?

    The entire Women Are Mint 2021 programme will be streamed live to Howzat TV’s youtube channel here:

    And also to our facebook page here:

    The link will be advertised across all of our socials.

  • How can I access the online workshops?

    The online workshops are all completely FREE and will be delivered online via zoom. We ask that you sign up to the workshops by clicking here.

  • Why does this event only celebrate women?

    The creation of Women Are Mint followed a series of discussions and gigs at Alphabetti Theatre in 2018. These events highlighted the importance of a safe space for discussion as well as a platform to celebrate and support women in music. Women Are Mint aims to draw attention to the gender gap between men and women music creators and to explore how we could better support women who are making new music.

  • Are men welcome at this event?

    Of course! Men are more than welcome. The celebration of women and their achievements is not exclusive of men, and gender equality will benefit us all.

  • Is the whole weekend child appropriate?

    We cannot guarantee that Friday and Saturday nights are appropriate for under 18’s, however Sunday is specifically tailored as a safe space for families.

  • Playlist